We are now open to submissions for:

The Bi-ble: New Testimonials

We are currently accepting submissions for NEW TESTIMONIALS – the second volume of our non-fiction book The Bi-ble: An Anthology of Personal Narratives and Essays about Bisexuality. Following the popularity of volume one, we want to hear more stories and lift more bisexual+ voices.


Submissions for this anthology should be themed in some way around bisexuality and your real life experiences of the identity – in particular, we are interested in exploring under-discussed topics in more depth than we did in Volume One. With this in mind, we would love if you could share this call with disabled bisexual writers, trans or non-binary bisexuals, bisexual writers of colour, bisexuals in underprivileged and developing areas, people who came out in working class areas, polyamorous bisexuals, asexual biromantics and bisexual men. We will be doing direct sharing too but the further we can spread the good word the better. If you don’t see yourself in that list, don’t worry! Everyone is welcome to submit something original. But if you haven’t read volume one before submitting, we strongly urge you to do so or to contact us for a copy of the contents list. 


Non-Fiction Personal Essays/Topical Essays/Creative Non-Fiction: Maximum 3000 words in doc or docx file.  

Please send all submissions to: editor@monstrous-regiment.com with Bible Submission in the subject line.


Submissions close at midnight (GMT) on October 10th 2018. We will confirm receipt of all submissions within two working days and we aim to respond with formal status of each submission within a week from the close of deadline. Due to the popularity – and repetitive nature of some bisexual themes – we strongly suggest getting in touch to flag an idea or discuss the direction of your essay before submitting. Due to time constraints we cannot provide editorial feedback to unsuccessful candidates, but all candidates will be advised of outcome in a timely manner. 


Standard rate of £50 for pieces, or £30 for a piece under 1500 words. 

Payment is made within 30 days of publication and we aim to print in late-November. 

We do not accept simultaneous submissions. Monstrous Regiment Publishing will hold first copyrights for successful submissions and contributors will hold the moral rights to be identified as the authors of their individual pieces.  


The Bible: New Testimonials will be branded as an intersectional feminist publication, and we as a press are committed to promoting equality within the publishing industry. This means we accept submissions from self-identifying bisexuals (of all genders). We are also open to including essays from people of other sexual identifications (eg. pansexuals, homosexual panromatics, people who identify simply as queer, asexual, etc.). As editors, we believe it is important not to exclude the voice of anyone who feels they relate to the marginalization of bisexuality within the LGBTQ+ community. We will not publish pieces that are contrary to a philosophy of intersectional equality or that we deem biphobic. 
We’re passionate about our social mission, and creating inclusive communities around our events and publications. Everything we publish aligns with our ethos to help promote equality and support feminist, marginalised or isolated writers. Our publications also seek to create content that reaches and resonates with under-represented readers. So if you feel like that’s you – whoever you may be – you are very welcome to get in touch.