Limited Offer: Crimson and Emerald BUNDLE

Limited Offer: Crimson and Emerald BUNDLE

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What says Christmas more than red and green?? For a holiday sale we have a special discounted bundle offer on the first two issues of our publishing house’s literary magazine.

Monstrous Regiment Magazine is our newest project, a feminist literary magazine featuring fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual arts.

Each issue of the magazine is themed around a certain colour, and all submissions are inspired in some way by the connotations that that colour might evoke or represent. Issue One (Crimson) explores everything from body image to grief, from speculative fiction to red photography film, and from misremembering to revenge porn. Issue Two (Emerald) explores everything from IVF and post-apocalyptic worlds, to haunted forests and gardens of memory, to experiences in a mental hospital and the hype of big news. We hope each issue of this magazine will act as a different coloured lens through which to see the world.

Emerald and Crimson look gorgeous together and we recommend reading them as a wee pair while this festive sale lasts.

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