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The Bi-ble: Volume One is back, along with a brand new Volume Two: New Testimonials! Get them now on our shop.

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Each issue of our literary magazine is themed around a certain colour, and all submissions are inspired in some way by the connotations that that colour might evoke or represent. This issue explores everything from IVF and post-apocalyptic worlds, to haunted forests and gardens of memory, to experiences in a mental hospital and the hype of big news. Featuring Kirsty Logan, Laura Clay, Elizabeth Sulis Kim, Claire Yspol, Angie Spoto, Sean Wai Keung and many more. Emerald is nature, nurture and everything in between…


Everything you find within these pages has been somehow inspired by the colour green. One concept, many writers and artists, and totally different interpretations – from burying memories in the garden, to creepy supermarkets taking customer care to a whole new level, and at least one experimental narrative by a cow.


There will be scummy ponds, quilts embroidered with ominous faces, and cosy memories of childhood.


Green is nature, nurture and everything in between. We hope each magazine in this series acts as a different coloured lens through which to see the world.

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