Our first sell out!

After a whirlwind six months, the first run of The Bible: An Anthology of Essays and Personal Narratives about Bisexuality has totally run out! This is our first sell out, and we're so touched by the response this book has gotten. Looks like there's plenty of bicuriousity out there as we suspected. We don't think we'll ever run a project closer to our hearts, so it means a lot. 

But if you're looking for a copy don't worry. We didn't plan a summer rerun just now, but due to demand from shops and individual customers, we're hoping to get a speedy restock which we will advertise when it arrives here in late July. 

Thank you so much to everyone who supported this project -- whether it be by buying the book, sending encouraging words, or a simple retweet -- it has been a personal highlight for us both.

We're also hoping to release details of a part two very soon...but it's a secret for now...ssssh! Zero points to anyone who can guess the title.